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Anugerah Terbesar ❤

Lagi suka bangeeeeeet sama lagu ini :) feel so blessed when i hear this loveable song ❤ Thank You for Your love, Jesus :') Anugerah Terbesar (by : Maria Shandi ) Cinta kasih terbesar Itu yang Kau nyatakan Saat ku jauh, Kau mendekat Kau panggilku sahabat Anugerah yang terbesar Itu yang Kau berikan Saat ku jatuh, Kau mengangkat Kau pandang ku berharga Reff : Engkau menerima, diriku sepenuhnya Tiada Engkau pinta, apa yang tak kupunya Perkara terindah, bagiku ya Bapa Engkau mengasihiku, s'bagaimana ku ada

Happy Birthday to you

I want to be a special one with being the last person who give birthday wishes to you :) Happy Birthday! Gbu abundantly :) And i always remember one song on your day. i wanna share that song. I hope you're my right one so i never get wrong when tell everyone about the song. "When God Made You" (By NewSong with Natalie Grant) It's always been a mystery to me How two hearts can come together  And love can last forever But now that I have found you, I believe That a miracle has come  When God sends the perfect one Now gone are all my questions about why  And I've never been so sure of anything in my life [Chorus] I wonder what God was thinking  When He created you  I wonder if He knew everything I would need  Because He made all my dreams come true  When God made you He must have been thinking about me I promise that wherever you may go  Wherever life may lead you  With all my heart I'll be there too  From