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Fully Approved by Google Adsense

Good Morning,

Whoooaaa Daebak ! A few days ago  I just read the email (it's been in the inbox since Friday, October 13th) from Google Adsense. The email tells me that my site has been fully approved by Google Adsense 😆😆😆 Thank you Google Adsense for your trust 😁😁 *lebay mode on*

I'm very happy (even though only email notification). Which I'm confused, why my site that in fact only about 20 posts and not many people who see this blog can get a good chance from Google Adsense ? Yes seriously, I'm also curious what the reason. Immediately I came to find out about what the reason was, why my site got fully approved when this blog isn't fresh with the latest posts. I just publish one new post since I was trying to register my site in Google Adsense a few weeks ago. I found the fact that tidak semua situs yang disetujui sepenuhnya (Fully Approved) oleh Google Adsense adalah situs yang aktif (I mean publish (some) new posts every day), tidak semua situs yang selalu r…

God's Another Plan

Coincidentally,  Today I found one song that suits with my situation. The title is... "When God has Another Plan."  From its title, maybe you all know what the intent that the songwriter wants to tell us through the song 😇
In my currently situation, I desperately needed these word to calm me so I could control myself against the real world I had to deal with. I know, I realize from the beginning,  He already prepared, well planned on which path I should pass (don't skip or jump). 
I believe,  I trust He never fails me, He never disappoints me.  It's because He's too much care for me, He's really loves me 😊 I know every moments of my life is a useful lesson for me to use in the next next next seasons.  I know He knows best. He'll give me only if the time is right for Him

Here's the lyric...
"When God has Another Plan"
Forsaken by his brothers, didn’t fit the scene
Being made a slave was not what Joseph dreamed
The coat of many colors was sta…